We Rock the Autism Family Life

I am often asked why I wanted to buy We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym. The truth of the matter is I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I always saw myself being part of something great. What I have come to learn over my many years is that not all things can be planned and things don’t often work the way we expect. The past six months has been a testament of that.

You see, I would have never guessed that owning a kids gym for sensory and inclusion play is what I would end up doing with my life. Shortly after my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder I can came across this amazing business model. All things naturally fell into place and with the unexpected twist of fate my husband and I jumped all in.

I get to show up to work every day knowing that this business is needed and we are filling that need for our community. We Rock the Spectrum is such an incredibly special place, and not just because of the unique sensory equipment we have in the gym, but because of the community that has been created inside the gym.

Last week was a personally challenging week for both my husband and I. Finding ourselves burnt out from the stressors of life around us. Towards the end of the week a father and daughter came to visit the gym. They quickly turned my week around. I had the opportunity to connect with them through in depth conversation. The father openly shared his story with me about his daughters disabilities and his challenges of parenting through them. Which is what led them to We Rock the Spectrum he does not have a gym where they are from but has a true affinity for We Rock the Spectrum and thus make it a point to visit the gym every time he is in town.

Working to help my son has led me to help an entire community. I am so blessed to be a part of so many families journey and truly joyful for being able to provide a safe place for our kiddos to go! Finally a place where you never have to say I am sorry.