Parents Need to Circle Up

Date/Time: 09/20/2017 | 12:00 am

“Better in circles then in rows” is what my church likes to stay. Emphasizing the importance of creating circles with those around us: friends, family etc. This stands true in many things “strength in numbers” they say. Better together, and easier to weather the storm when we have friends to lean on.

When we are young it’s easy to maintain a circle of friends but as time goes on and life stages change those circles tend to drift apart. Marriage, parenting and life in general all pose a series of challenges and not necessarily bad ones. These challenges pull us in other directions which cause our priorities to shift. Regardless having others around us supports a better state of being.

The kids gym has proven to be a great environment for moms to congregate. The environment is safe and the space is intimate so keeping a watch full eye is seamless. Several days a week we see mom groups bringing their kids in to play with one another while they get to engage in adult conversation. Since our rates are not by the hour, there truly is the feeling of not being rushed out; which provides a sense of relaxation to the visit.

Why am I blogging about this today? Simply put, we need to be connecting with others whom are in similar stages of life for added support and mental well being. Maybe you are like me and your kids are older, that’s okay there are several sites that offer the opportunity to connect with others. Sites like or various groups on Facebook. Do a simple search online and you will find what you are looking for. Be brave and take a step to connect with others. You may have a circle of friends already but there needs to be that one person to take the initiative. Be that person!

This week I challenge you, schedule time with friends, make a play date, or find a new group to join. Even if it means a play date at the kids gym.